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Miami, FL 33176
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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers who must take time off because of stress, anxiety or a related disorder will be off the job for approximately 20 days.

Our country spends 95% of our health care dollars, one trillion dollars a year, on diagnosing and treating many diseases.  However, half of all deaths in the United States can be prevented.

People with many health risks tend to be less productive than those who are in better health.

Johnson and Johnson's results from a new Worksite Wellness Program showed that 80% of participants said they could better handle stress and 81% stated they increased productivity at work as a result of the program. 

A study showed that employees with no risk factors paid $190 a year on medical expenses. Those who had one risk factor paid $360 a year.  Persons with 2-3 risk factors paid $542 a year and those with 4-5 risk factors paid $718 a year in medical expenses.

Another study showed that not being physically active costs an employer $1,900 annually. Employers must pay for a decrease in productivity as well as higher costs of health insurance, disability and being absent from work.

After IBM implemented a wellness program, they experienced 37% reduced hospital admissions and 24% reduction of emergency room visits.

Survey results from the American Management Association show that 80% of employees feel it is the employers responsibility to promote health and wellness.                                                          

Chiropractic patients have more than a 50% decrease in low back pain compared to patients treated with muscle relaxors.... Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

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I have been seeing a Mobile Chiropractic doctor now for five years. Being on my feet all day, the once a week visit help me stay physically fit and stress free.

- Bob H. / Miami, FL

Meet the Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Solomon A chiropractic physician since 1982; holding a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College and a Diplomate in Sports Injuries from New York Chiropractic College... Read More


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  • 13865 S. Dixie Hwy Suite 307 Miami, FL 33176
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